Awesome / Riding Bean

  • The soundtrack by David Garfield. Pure Hard Rock/Jazz Rock goodness, in the style of Billy Cobham and George Duke. Standout tracks include "Road Buster", "Bad Girl" and "Kickin' Booty".
  • In Riding Bean, Bean Bandit pulls off a supreme driving stunt without jumping when he performed a high speed reverse while doing a side wheelie to successfully pass an exit with a rapidly closing gate. Furthermore, having done that, Bean still manages to safely stop the car in the midst of the police cars waiting just outside and escape after taunting the lead detective.
    • See also the fight with Semmerling, which is less an epic showdown and a lot closer to Big Bad Horror Show, as Bean throws a knife hard enough to tear off the car door it hits, takes a bullet between the eyes to little effect, and shoulder-checks an oncoming car into submission when she attempts to run him down.