Awesome / Reba

  • Overlaps heavily with Heartwarming, but way back in the first season, Van's parents (who had previously kicked him out) try to bribe him with a new truck to get him to leave Cheyenne and come home. Reba and Van go over to tell them it isn't going to work, but Van is so intimidated by his parents he's barely able to speak. However, when Van's dad makes the mistake of bad-mouthing Reba, that sets him off. He tells his father that merely feeding and clothing him doesn't make him a good father, all he did all Van's life was bully him, and that Reba was more of a father to him that he ever was. Also takes a turn for the funny when Van throws down the keys, grabs Reba by the arm and walks off saying, "Come on, Dad."
  • Reba chewing out the high school principal after she says that she plans to kick Cheyenne out for being pregnant. Then later on Van refuses to play football until Cheyenne's suspension is lifted, forcing the principal to beg Cheyenne to come back.
  • In "Ring-a-Ding" both Brock and Barbra Jean get one at the latter's family reunion. Brock when he tells off Barbra Jean's intimidating father "Big Daddy" for telling a sexist joke about his wife and then saying that he does not care if Big Daddy doesn't like him.
    • Barbra Jean gets one when she gets back at her Jerk Ass sister Katie-Ann for telling embarrassing stories and mean jokes about her all night(after a pep talk from Kyra about how Katie-Ann isn't as perfect as she seems) by telling an embarrassing story about Katie-Ann(it's later mentioned that she cried over the humiliation)