Heartwarming / Reba

  • Kyra's return to the series at the beginning of Season 6 (having been absent for almost all of Season 5), after her actress had overcome her real-life struggle with anorexia nervosa. When asked where she'd been all that time, she states that she was getting something to eat, receiving an absolutely thunderous round of applause. Even more awesome when one realizes that Scarlett Pomers didn't even have to address her personal issues publicly, but she bravely chose to anyway, becoming an ambassador of the National Eating Disorders Association and sharing her story to help people who have experiences with the disorder in Real Life.
  • As much as it could be made fun of as a case of two lovestruck teens getting further in over their heads, Van's proposal to Cheyenne in the pilot is genuinely heartwarming to see, in large part due to how well they end up working as a couple throughout the show's run.
  • Reba defending Van to his parents, noting that, for as much as she was thrown by the situation of Cheyenne's pregnancy, she's genuinely proud of Van for sticking by his wife and child.
    • Likewise, Van defending Reba to his father when the latter insults her morality. It even leads to a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, declaring that Reba actually communicated with him about things, whereas Van's father simply bullied him into fulfilling the family's expectations. Van then states that Reba was a better "Dad" to him than his actual father ever was.
      Van: Come on, Dad.
      Reba: Right behind you, son.
  • "Well I'm not going to stand here and let my best friend just go and ruin her life!"
  • "Van, you started out in this family as my son-in-law, and, well, now you're my son."
  • How about when Reba sings Angel's Lullaby to newborn Elizabeth in the season one finale? If you feel nothing during that scene, you are not human.
  • In the last episode, Reba finally calls Barbra Jean her best friend. With how much she's treated BJ as an antagonist and acts bothered by any attempt BJ makes to be her friend, it's rather sweet to know that Reba really does care about her despite what's happened over the years.