Awesome / Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

  • Kyogre, when it participated in the final battle along with all the other water-type Pokemon. Particularly it's Hyper Beam which, taking a page out of Lugia's example, pretty much wrecked the ship with a single shot.
  • The nothing-short-of-epic climax—particularly the entire run-for-your-life sequence where Ash gets to escape a ruins that's rapidly flooding with water and then going to set things right with the crystals...under SEA water, in a big room deep beneath the ocean, running out of breath at the last second, and then (admittedly with a little help) going on to save the day...and then the movie-winning power-up. ALL WITHOUT HIS TEAM.
  • Lets not forget the memorable intro to the movie where in what is basically the heart bad guys base where Jack disguised as one of them who was seconds before his reveal "swabbing the deck" steals Manaphy's egg and makes an escape a la James Bond style.