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Awesome: Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth
  • Naoto upstages Mitsuru at the Catherine-themed shooting gallery with her own shooting prowess by shooting one of the sheep figurines, leaving a tunnel where his heart would be without looking straight ahead at the target!
    • Aigis then ups the ante by unloading on the entire gallery not a single bullet misses.
  • The ending of this game gives the phrase "killing time" a whole new meaning. The cast effectively KILLS Chronos, the current embodiment of the human concept of time, allowing his human side, Zen, to pass on to afterlife with Rei and a new, less human-hating Chronos to be eventually (and hopefully) born. Oh, and did we mention that Chronos, additionally to being a force of nature, has power over human lifespans, something he is not afraid to make use of in his boss-fight? Trust me, this is one feat that will always feel impressive, even when you're playing on Easy Mode.
  • Yu and Makoto gaining their Ultimate Personas by being pushed into a life-or-death situation by Margaret definitely counts as this.
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