Awesome / Out of Sight

  • Karen sits alone at a hotel bar in Detroit. She's promptly hit on by a trio of giggling ad executives, who one at a time try to approach her in various jerk-ass ways. She blows off the first two. When it comes time for the third guy to approach her... It's Jack, who simply asks her "Can I buy you a drink?" He does.
  • "You wanted to tussle? Alright, we tussled."
  • Jack, cool as a cucumber in nearly every situation.
  • The final scene of Jack chatting up Hejira (Samuel L. Jackson!) in the prison van, with Karen sitting and smiling in the shotgun seat up front. With Jack figuring just why Karen handed him that lighter of his that he uses to brainstorm...
    Hejira: I guess it's cheaper taking two of us down there in one van.
    Jack: Could be. Or maybe she thought we had a lot to talk about.
    Hejira: Really? Like what?
    Jack (starts flicking his lighter, clearly scheming): I don't know. Long ride to Florida...
    (Hejira smiles back. He gets it. Then again, it's Samuel L. Muthafuckin Jackson)