Awesome / NewsRadio

  • Dave gets a ton of these, but one happens at the end of the first episode, on his first day, when he gives the Al Gore interview to Catherine.
    • The end of "Boston" in season 5 is also fantastic, where he passionately defends his staff despite feeling extremely depressed.
    Dave: First off, this is not such a bad place to work. And second off, why does anyone end up anywhere? You start out in one direction and you end up someplace else! And these people have all had some tough breaks in their lives, but they've made the best of them!
  • In universe example, possibly. Mr. James justifies his decision to keep the station in exchange for Beth's $200 by saying that million dollar business deals happen every day, but getting a secretary to volunteer to brown bag her lunch for a month? Now that's something you write home about. It's up for interpretation how much this was really true, or if it was just enough for him to justify keeping the station (Which he really wanted to do all along).