Awesome / NCIS: New Orleans

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    Season 1 
  • The NCIS agents being able to arrest the culprit at the end of "Carrier".
  • In a villanous perspective, rogue US Navy officer Ted Bash in "Breaking Brig" was able to take down LaSalle and Brody thanks to his years in Hong Kong when he practiced Chinese martial arts.
  • LaSalle takes down a bootlegger and disarm him in "It Happened Last Night", complete with Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.
    LaSalle: How do you feel about Alabama now?
  • LaSalle once again shows up his awesomeness when he disarms a crewman in "Le Carnivale De La Mort" by pretending to surrender so that he can smack him and throw him onto the floor.
  • Sebastian took a level in badass in "The Insider": Loretta's adopted son Danny was shot by a man who took the three of them hostage in the morgue. He got over his nervousness-induced hives and followed the injured Loretta's directions for keeping him alive. He also stood his ground when the hostage taker was rushing him into removing the MacGuffin from the victim of the week.
    Season 2 
  • In "Sic Semper Tyrannus", Pride manages to distract dozens of militia members about the death of the "Father" long enough for agents to arrive on the scene and detain them all.
  • In "Insane in the Membrane", Sonja, while undercover as a drug distributor, has been ordered by the dealer to kill the previous distributor (whom NCIS is using) by garrote. Putting the garrote around his neck, Sonia pushes the two of them underwater, getting them out of the way of the dealer and his men, enabling Pride, LaSalle, and Brody to kill them all.
    Season 3 
  • In "Escape Plan", Sebastian, having been captured by Serbian mobsters trying to break out a notorious Serbian criminal, is able to not just alert Pride about what is going on, but also able to lead the team towards them by causing an explosion using household items and when one of the criminals chases him down, Sebastian knocks him down with a stick. Even his colleagues are calling him a true badass.
  • Gregorio having Sonja's back in "Outlaws"
  • "NOLA Confidential" has Sebastian kicking the ass of a guy twice his size. As Gregorio puts it, "You did good, baby." Especially since Sebastian thought he was riding the high of a pill that Gregorio gave him for seasickness, except that it was essentially a placebo. Took a Level in Badass, indeed.
  • "Knockout" has Sonja set up on charges and put in jail then into general population. How does a federal agent avoid being torn apart by convicts? By punching out a guard and getting herself thrown into "The Hole." Sonja has a triumphant grin as she's dragged away, letting the cons know she's now safe from them.
    Season 4 
  • "The Accident" has Patton fly from a higher floor inside a building to catch the suspect off his guard in the lower floor while in a wheelchair.