Awesome / Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden

Add awesome moments for Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden here. Be mindful of spoilers, though.

  • In Chapter 14, Michelangelo goes through one of these. For the entire comic, Michelangelo avoided fights because of what happened in the Prologue. He became an author, but his writings drew attention from the bad guys. They decide to attack him and everybody he cares for. He takes a hard beating, but his badass moments show in page 17, where he decides not to put up with their crap and utters this awesome line:
    "Cowabunga, douchebags. Mikey's back in the house."
  • Another such moment is the sequence in wich Leonardo finally makes his first appearence in MNT Gaiden, in pages 18 to 23 of the 15th Chapter. For the entire comic it was known that he would eventually return, but there was no telling when. He appears just in time and proceds to save Raphael and Michaelangelo from the cops, without being seen.
  • In just one word: Prologue. That entire chapter is one Crowning Moment of Awesome after another, especially in the end where even though Splinter dies, he manages to contain the evil curse in his own body to save his sons. Talk about going out with a bang.