Awesome / Michinoku Pro Wrestling

  • Dick Togo did his diving senton from the top of a cage onto Minoru Fujita.
  • Hakushi, in his famous match with The Undertaker, getting out of a chokeslam by backflipping away mid air, followed by taking down Taker with a Mandala Hineri.
  • Curry Man stopping Jody Fleisch's springboard plancha before it happens by springboarding next to him him, sidelocking him and then hitting a Curry Bottom back to the ring.
  • Shinjitsu Nohashi performing a praying diving crossbody from a balcony over a crowd of wrestlers.
  • Sasuke performing a diving soccer kick to one of the Satos WITH HIS LEG IN FLAMES, Ong-Bak style and such.
  • Kowloon doing an improbable Villainous Rescue for Yoshitsune against the reunited Kai En Tai at Michinoku Anniversary Show, only to show they are the baddest by beating Yoshitsune further.