YMMV / Michinoku Pro Wrestling

  • Badass Decay: Takeshi Minamino was the top heel of the 2004-2005 season, only to fall down more and more over the years until becoming a tag team lowcarder.
  • Broken Base
    • Western puroresu fans are significantly divided about whether Yoshitsune's push was too short or too long. His title drop to Hayato Fujita was even more controversial, as at the time Fujita was not as popular overseas as he was in Japan, and clearly not in the level of Yoshi to Western eyes (see Rescued From The Scrappy Heap below).
    • Most of the IWC thinks The Great Sasuke still has good matches, but a big portion believes he should retire and stop doing senile shenanigans before he kills himself.
    • Should Jinsei Shinzaki win the Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship?
    • Is the Yapper Men gimmick really fun or is it just wasting Oosugi and Senga as wrestlers?
    • Great Sasuke's heel turn in 2013 to found a cultlike stable. Some (even the Japanese That Other Wiki) think it's just an attempt to capitalize on The Wyatt Family's popularity.
  • Ear Worm: Los Salseros Japoneses's salsa theme, "De Caramelo Es Tu Boca".
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: Very much like Dragon Gate, M-Pro has barely changed its roster since 2004, and only to lose established stars to bigger promotions, in case of Yoshitsune and Kenou. Added to the fact that the MPW Dojo is notoriusly unlucky when having to produce new stars (only Kenou and Hiugaji came out of it succesful, while virtually the rest of the promising rookies of the decade -Takayuki Aizawa, Yoshiyasu Shimizu and Kazuhisa Okabe- had to retire for injuries and never got to shine very much), some fans are tired of watching the same wrestlers doing the same stable revolution routine every year.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Kenbai to Yoshitsune. He uses a similar samurai-esque attire and mask, carries a katana to the ring, is also a high-flyer, and teams up with Rasse. The difference is that Kenbai is a much less skilled wrestler, and his wrestling style is dull and full of botches, specially when he tries to do Yoshitune's signature moves like the tiger feint kick and the satellite headscissors.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Hayato Fujita used to be considered by Western fans as boring and out of place, as he was a shoot-stylist (and not a particularly technical shooter, but rather one from the "kick, kick and kick" variety) in a lucharesu promotion, and his bad boy image was seen as just annoying. However, his championship reigns and increasingly high profile matches allowed him to show his talent and true potential, and nowadays he is a well considered cruiserweight.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Probably due to his thong-clad Crazy Awesome gimmick, Manabu Murakami got very positive reviews upon his debut in Toryumon X. However, Michinoku Pro reduced him to a lowcarder and never really allowed him to show his skills, aside from putting him as a perennial heel Garbage Wrestler and later in a Those Two Guys team with Takeshi Minamino.