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Awesome: Mega Man Recut
  • Mega Man and Proto Man's Battle in the Rain at the end of "Cold Steel".
  • "The Mega Man in the Moon" has Roll saving Enker from being reprogrammed and subsequently helping the human prisoners escape by goading Protoman into leaving her with them.
    • Later in that same episode, Proto Man manages to out-gambit Centum.
    • Duo arrives and single-handedly defeats Wily and most of the Robot Masters with him.
  • Roll's toaster gun, one of her most popular weapons used in the show, appears at the end of Season 1 when she uses it to vaporize some Stone Bots. She even gives it a proper name, the Toaster Roaster.
  • After spending most of his introductory episode being a coward, Top Man finally takes part in a fight with Mega Man... and promptly takes him out with a single well-placed attack.

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