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Nightmare Fuel: Mega Man Recut
  • Roll defeating the cosmetic robot by cutting her in half and vacuuming her face off. Unlike the show, this isn't glossed over, and Roll has no idea she crossed a line.
  • Ice Man nearly choking Wily to death in "Ice Age".
  • The shrunken cities being placed in glass jars. No one inside them can tell something's wrong, and they could stay in that state forever.
  • The description of Cold Steel's mind control music.
  • The panic Mega feels when in Snake Man's body.
  • The description of the chronitrons in "Future Shock", and Wily's dystopian future.
  • Oil Man's design, and his effectiveness in battle.
  • Protoman being told to fire the Lunar Laser on New York if Wily's demands aren't met.
  • Ballade and Burner Man torturing a woman with the Mad Grinder.
  • The scope of the Syndicate's reach, going as far as top senators.
  • In "Campus Commandos," Dr. Light shoots Proto Man. The other Robot Masters worry that he's dead.

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