Awesome / Maverick

  • Maverick's final hand in the big poker tournament. He drew a card near the middle of that last match but refused to look at it, instead just leaving it face down on the table. Then everyone starts showing their hands, and it ends up coming down to Angel's straight flush versus... whatever hand Maverick may have. He lays each of the four cards in his hand on the table in order, showing everyone that he has most of a royal flush. The music stops and everyone on the ship holds their breath as Maverick slowly reaches for the card. He cautiously picks it it up and looks at it. He sighs, and then throws the card right on top of the pot, where it spins around and you see it's the ace of spades, finishing Maverick's royal flush and winning him the game.
    • This, of course, leads to Angel pulling a hidden gun on Maverick, as do his cronies, but while Maverick draws one of Coop's guns to take care of the mooks, Coop himself outdraws Angel with a look on his face that could crack stone. Which becomes even more awesome in hindsight once the surprise twist is revealed, that Coop is Maverick's father.