Awesome / Mahou Sentai Magiranger

Mahou Sentai Magiranger is very good about giving all of its characters shining moments of awesomeness, born of their infinite courage that becomes magic! Here are the moments earned by all the members of the Ozu family, plus the Sixth Ranger, Hikaru. He ends up marrying into the family by the end of the series anyway.

  • Kai Ozu/Magi Red's is when he uses the Fatal Blade stance against N. Ma, overpowering it to return everyone back to the real world so that they can finish the Eldritch Abomination off for good.
  • Another one for Kai is when after having his courage stolen, he stumbles across the monster who did it. Despite having no courage, Kai grabs the monster, RUNS all the way to a nearby battlefield where his siblings and Magishine are fighting Meemy, and saves Shine by THROWING THE MONSTER AT MEEMY. He does all this before he transforms to join the battle proper. May also double as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Tsubasa Ozu/Magi Yellow's comes when he uses the Dial Rod Bowgun to defeat the Hades God Cyclops, a paragon of a Cold Sniper, in a shooting match, after two episodes of Cyclops hunting the Rangers down from the comfort of his mirror dimension.
    • Everytime he pulls of his Dialrod Bowgun counts. That weapon is just freaking cool.
  • Another from Tsubasa is when the group is fighting a spider monster and has trouble to get closer to it because they had to walk on a thin string of web while dodging it's projectiles. Tsubasa not only manages to aproach the monster but does it awesomely, punching thru the projectiles and finishing it with a special punch.
  • Urara Kai/Magi Blue earns hers when she counters Hades God Toad's cheating in his game them against by altering the die so that it has nine holes on top, allowing her and the others to reach their Mother.
  • Houka Ozu/Magi Pink's crosses over with Crowning Moment of Funny. Just as Hades God Wyvern is about to kill Hades God Titan, she grabs Hikaru's Travelion magic ticket,and uses it to summon the Travelion right on top of Wyvern.
  • An earlier one for Houka involves her hunting down and damn near defeating the Hades Beast Skeleton, the third and final Solitary Confinement Beast, all on her own.
  • Makito Ozu/Magi Green demonstrates his greatest courage when, even though deathly ill and unable to fight, he still cheers on his siblings in their fight against Wolzard which ultimately leads to them realizing that Wolzard is in fact, their long lost father, Isamu/Blagel
  • Hikaru/Sungel/Magi Shine shows us how awesome he is when He defeats Meemy in a duel to the death, even though Meemy cheats, defending the honor of Blagel's teachings
  • Miyuki Ozu/Magi Mother, upon being revived, counters and destroys Hades God Toad's Divine Punishment, which not even Magi Shine, piloting the Travelion, could accomplish.
  • Isaamu Ozu/Blagel/Wolzard Fire, gets his before anyone else, when he seals off Infershia from the inside, all alone. Then there's his introduction as Wolzard Fire after being saved by Miyuki: before he even morphs, he saves the team from Wyvern by absorbing a fireball into his palm with no visible effort. He then transforms and kills one of the Ten Gods in less than a minute, ending the fight with a new twist on his signature move.
  • Tsubasa and Houka gain a joint one when they defeat Vancuria in Stage 12; Vancuria has turned Houka into a vampire and placed her under her control. Tsubasa crafts the Dawn Crystal, the one thing that can kill Vancuria. Thus, Vancuria uses Houka as a Human Shield, forcing Tsubasa to have to fire through his own sister to get to her. However, Houka flashes her sign of determination, signaling to Tsubasa that she can take control, but only for a moment. Tsubasa bites the bullet, fires, and Houka dodges at the last second, giving Vancuria no time to react. One magic crucifixion later, and Vancuria is dust.
    • Vancuria manages to top both of them by virtue of being immortal and coming Back from the Dead the following night, immune to the Dawn Crystal's effect, which she demonstrates by crushing it in her hand.
  • MagiKing vs. Belbireji the Incubis in Stage 24; first, Belbireji tries to step on the Magirangers after becoming giant, they become MagiKing to flip him over. Next, MagiKing walks up, pulls him up, and just starts wailing away at him, not even bothering with King Caliber. Then Belbireji tries to fly away, but MagiKing can also fly and strikes him back down into ground, and finally defeats him with a Heavenly Magic Slash.
  • The end of the first major arc, with Kai fighting Wolzard to save Lunagel while the rest of the team struggles to hold off Branken. Kai's refusal to quit earns him his first one-on-one victory against Wolzard, breaking his sword in two with his bare hands. He returns to the mecha fight with another brief stint as Fire-Kaiser before the team forms Magi-King again, destroying Branken with the aid of Miyuki's spirit.