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Richard's villagers

  • "Pella? Krunch? I need a tree and a lift." Even Benny gives him credit for it.
  • Cale gets another on page 241, in which he catches an arrow mid-flight right before it hits Benny in the face, and without skipping a beat, kills the dwarf archer by throwing his own arrow through his head.
    • He then proceeds to top that feat when Pella admits she's too uncomfortable to kill her own kin by telling Benny to stay out of the fight and killing the dwarves all by himself.
  • "Do you yield?"
  • If Cale sealing Tavor in a block of ice and flames doesn't count, then I really don't know what else does.
  • Another moment displays why this guy is the world's best hope according to the Ancient Conspiracy. It's not action-heavy, there's no action at all, just the following brief exchange as the party prepares to abandon a village to be destroyed:
    Cale: "Stop."
    Benny: "The time has passed for us to be gone, Cale."
    Cale: "No. We will aid these people, no matter the cost and without personal gain. We are not mercenaries. We will do this because it is right."
    Cale: No, it isn't. But it should. And it will again.
  • Killing Aelloon with an entire volley of arrows.
    • ...Only for it to become a Pyrrhic Victory when A. Aelloon's death only ends up making him a martyr, making Legara even more devoted to destroying Kethenecia, and B. Benny bitterly dumps him because she's fed up with his Doom Magnet tendencies.
  • Cale's reunion with Benny. After she'd blamed him for events out of his control and dumped him for being a Doom Magnet, Cale responds to her bitter greeting of "Elf" by completely ignoring her. Especially effective since he's usually the one on the receiving end of the cold shoulder.
  • For Pony. After seeing Richard (apparently) killed by the Archmage, Cale stabs him in the skull and repeats Richard's war cry before cutting the Archmage down.
  • He shows off some cool moves while battling the lizard-men.
  • Right after the group suffers a Curb-Stomp Battle, he quickly frees himself and summons the aid of a giant.


  • When Richard, a ridiculously powerful and insanely dangerous warlock, tells Pella that he applauds her (rather snarky) assessment of Cale, but that he doesn't take orders from dwarves, she promptly hacks off his hand and says "Applaud now." And then they laugh about it. And Richard wants to know if they can keep her.
    • Notably, that was the hand he placed on her shoulder just before. Seriously, don't touch what you can't afford.
  • Pella slaughters dozens of dungeon guards, which is par the course for Looking For Group thus far. What sets it apart, though, is that she does so with a new custom-forged chainmail outfit, crossbow gauntlets with bladed cuffs, and to the tune of "Lean On Me."
    • On Christmas Day no less (the strip is from 25/12/2008)




Group CMoA
  • Cale along with Sooba show that Mugging the Monster is a very bad idea. Especially awesome as this is the first time we've seen Sooba actually cooperating with Cale alone, even though we might infer that similar scenarios had happened before, way back when Sooba was Cale's sole companion.
    Cale: First Shora. Then Benny. But never completely alone.
  • Now that's how you make an entrance!
  • Pella's dungeon rescue scene when Richard and the others join in. Both the singing and the slaughter, which they keep up all the way to rescue Cale. It's a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, despite all the bloodiness.
    • Well, it is led by the two most bloodthirsty characters in the group. By Pella and Richard's standards this is barely more than a brisk work-out.
    • Also, if you wonder why they're singing that particular song, drop the first two letters of Cale'Anon.
  • Benny's action afterward may have been the crowning moment, but Rojave's first death was also pretty awesome, with Pella and Cale scoring a teamkill and Richard lighting up his head for good measure.
  • Pella and Sooba holding off the Knights of the Way on their own using trickery and guerrilla tactics. Eventually, too many reinforcements arrive for them to kill off, but they bought enough time for Cale to come around.

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