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Awesome: Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers
  • The third season finale is probably the culmination of all the training, adventures, successes, and failures of the last three seasons. We have the Ox and the Dark Doctor on one side, who are working together with surprising synergy. And the Lx D on the other, bolstered by the Elders. The Lx D, who had their asses kicked in the second season finale, calmly and professionally ambush the Dark Alliance, and they proceed to duke it to a standstill.
  • 3rd season episodes Salvage and Reprogram, in which Specimen single handedly storms a salvage yard tech fortress thing filled with robotic henchman. Specimen beats his way through several robots, injured and tired, and then proceeds to fight his girlfriend who he thought he was rescuing. Bonus points for never hesitating in fighting her, and just getting angry at the betrayal.
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