Awesome: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

  • The death of the gentleman with thistle-down hair by Stephen Black.
  • The entirety of Strange's career with the British Army, once Wellington realizes the tactical value of an on-site magician.
  • The gentleman with thistle-down hair cursing Strange, partly because it's so strange and you're not sure what really happened.
  • Strange in the final act, displaying immense raw power. Of course, he doesn't even begin to hold a candle to the Raven King.
  • Strange sending a huge flock of crows past the gentleman with thistle-down hair to restore magic back to England.
  • The Raven King's cameo in Chapter 67, after the reader has been waiting patiently for his appearance for the entirety of the novel.
  • It wasn't particularly plot-relevant, but who didn't want to cheer when Frank pushed Drawlight into the canal?