Heartwarming / Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

  • Norrell's joyous reaction to seeing Strange performing magic for the first time. After chapters of being a dour and miserly figure, the effect on the reader is striking.
  • Wellington is alone among the British government in his unwavering faith in and loyalty towards Strange, even after the Gentleman curses him with Eternal Darkness and he goes mad.
  • The Raven King rewarding Childermass' loyalty by healing a cut on his cheek.
  • Jonathan and Arabella's reunion in the book, where he promises to one day return to her.
  • In the BBC series, Honeyfoot has a private moment during the Miracle of York, smiling tearfully at the beauty of a singing statue.
  • In the BBC finale, Strange and Norrell share several moments:
    • Norrell choosing to use Strange's summoning spell and complimenting Strange's book - which it was in - as the finest and most beautiful book of magic he's ever read.
    • Norrell promising to continue Strange's mission if the latter dies.
    • Strange's heartfelt thanks upon the mission's end stand out.
    • Strange calling Norrell his friend and quietly apologising for his mocking laughter at Norrell's feeble attempts at combat magic.
    • Norrell, in return, calls Strange his friend as the Black Tower is seemingly about to destroy them both.