Awesome: Infinite Stratos

  • Any more reason to doubt Chifuyu's reputation gets blown into itty bits and pieces when she stops Laura's Laser Blade with a BFS on foot without using any I.S.
  • Charles and Ichika's teamwork VS Laura and Houki. That entire fight was Made of Win.
  • The last episode/first episode, wherein Ichika and his haremettes take on the Silver Gospel.
  • In Season 2 Episode 1, Charlotte and Laura kick the asses of three armed robbers, showing that, yes, they have some serious combat skill even without their IS Suits,
  • In episode 4 of the second season, Ichika fights as hard as he can against Autumn's Arachne IS, even managing to cut off a limb, but is still no match for her. Then Tatenashi shows up and easily stomps Autumn.
  • More of a funny moment, but when Laura gets thrown across the room by Chifuyu in episode 7 of season 2, she still makes a flawless recovery from it.
  • In the 7th volume of the novels, when Kanzashi has to take out a target with her IS's missile launcher- which doesn't have its targeting suite installed yet- she manually enters all of the telemetry data for 48 missiles in the middle of combat.
  • In Volume 8, all remaining doubts about Chifuyu's skill is shattered when she takes on the stealth replica of the Fang Quake. Without an IS. And defeats it, with nothing but six explosive katana. Granted, it was Yamada who landed the final blow, but she did put quite a bit of work on the IS pilot.
    • In contrast to the scene below, the OVA manages to do this entire fight justice.
  • Volume 8: Tabane Shinonono owns Squall and Autumn with her bare hands. They didn't have time to equip their ISes. And then she proceeds to dismantle Silent Zephyrs with Madoka using it WITH HER BARE HANDS. She wouldn't have given a damn had they not used Chloe as a hostage
    • The anime version of this scene was... significantly less awesome. See Filming For Easy Dub on Infinite Stratos's main page.
  • Madoka really shows off her Badass cred in the final episode when we see just how broken her new I.S. Kurokishi is. She swats aside Cecilia like a fly and tanks the combined firepower of Rin, Laura, Charlotte, and Kanzashi all at once. When Cecilia gets back into the fight and unleashes a massive energy burst on her, she takes the hit dead on and is calmly standing in the middle of the fireball when the smoke clears.
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