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Awesome: I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: As awful as most of the movie was, seeing Larry's son take down that bully and do a victory tap dance was almost worth the price of admission. Almost.
    • Seeing that Jerk Ass minister getting punched in the face was VERY satifying as well
  • When Chuck and Larry find out they've been moved to separate shifts because of a petition from the other firemen, Larry calmly puts the entire department to shame:
    Larry: Hey, fellas! Hey. Heard you guys have been circulating a petition. You mind if I take a look at it? Oh, what do you know? I got it right here. It's impressive. Lot of names. Let's go down the list, see who we got here. Nootzie! Hey, you remember that time Chuck and I ran back in that textile plant and dragged your limp body out? Even though Chuck's leg was broken, like, in three different places? I mean, that was pretty freaking gay of Chuck, huh? Wow. Renaldo! Man, I remember your first day on the job. Remember you were so scared you actually crapped yourself? And Chuck and I, we snuck you back in here, we cleaned you up so nobody'd find out. You begged us not to tell anyone, and did we? Let's ask. You guys hear that story before right now? Show of hands? (No, but it's hilarious.) Yeah, it is hilarious. Tony! Nice signature. Hey, is that the same one you used to endorse the check that Chuck gave you when you gambled away your mortgage payment on college football? I guess his money wasn't too gay to bail you out, or keep your wife from leaving you...again. I guess Chuck's not enough of a man to work next to big strong heroes like you guys. *fire bell rings* Oh, look at that. Fire. Well, I hope it's not a bad one, 'cause the faggot who's been saving your sorry asses is now, thanks to you, working on another shift. Let's go!

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