Awesome / Homicide: Life on the Street

  • Pembleton and Bayliss as they finally have Risley Tucker in a corner until Tucker turns the table on them and psychologically kicks their asses, that is.
  • Howard has been forbidden from mentioning a related case (the Lyness murder, investigation ongoing, but which the defendant is suspected of being involved in — which would make mentioning it potentially prejudicial) in her homicide testimony. Then the defence lawyer, hammering away at the police-work, contemptuously asks her to name one case - just one! - in which a single perpetrator used both a knife and a gun. She looks to the state prosecutor; he nods; and with a shit-eating grin Howard says, "We have indications in the death of Alexandra Lyness that there was only one murderer."
    No further questions, your Honour... Nitty gritty: 
  • Lewis confronting Luther Mahoney.
    Lewis: I remember when I was workin' as a beat cop. Our job was to clear the corner. No big deal. Just tell people to move along and most of the time, the police tell you to move along, that's what you're gonna do, you're gonna move along. But every once in a while, there's gonna be some knucklehead fool, wanna keep standing on your corner talking trash. And he told me, don't you ever, ever, let some knucklehead stand on your corner and shame you. Cause once you've done that, you're done as a beat cop. So what he suggested I do, was that I take out my billy club and smack him upside the head so hard, that everybody who heard it knows who had the last word... Luther, you're on my corner.
  • Nice, low key example from the first part of the S6 finale "Fallen Heroes": Bayliss uses his observational skills to instantly solve a major case, to which an impressed Pembleton sincerely tells him "I've always said you're a great detective." It's not the focus of the scene or played up as "a moment," but it's a great validation of how far Bayliss has come in 6 seasons.
  • Pembleton's response to a racist who is responsible for murdering 26 African-Americans: "You will not make me a martyr because I'm a black American. You will be my martyr."
  • Bayliss single-handedly getting a confession from Gerry Uba for his mother's killing in the episode "Hostage".
  • Gee's vague threat to Uba who held a classroom hostage and killed five children: "Get Well. Soon." This troper actually had chills down his spine.
  • A disgraced Russert casually gets the sniper copycat to confess, while Gee looks on with an expression of awe.
  • In one of the later season episodes, Munch spends an entire episode tracking down Gharty's past in the Vietnam War, hoping to shame him as yet another sadistic killer, racist, baby killer or whatever he can. Finally at their bar one night, Gharty lays it all out for Munch and several others- he was barely a kid drafted into service, until one night his CO ordered the men to kill unarmed civilians. Gharty refused and knocked his CO out, leading to his desertion from service. For once, Munch not only looked like a tremendous ass but had nothing to say other than an apology for harassing Gharty.