Awesome / The Honeymooners

  • Ralph's off-screen defeat of a bank robber who was holding him and Alice hostage.
  • In one episode, Ralph makes a chauvinistic statement that appears in the newspaper. When Alice takes him to task for it, Ralph claims that all of the greatest discoveries and inventions in the history of mankind can be attributed to men. This leads to the following exchange:
    Ralph: There'd be no America if it wasn't for Christopher Columbus.
    Alice: There'd be no Christopher Columbus if it wasn't for his mother.
  • In another episode Alice schools Ralph (who is enraged she hasn't gotten around to darning his socks) on how much chores she does around the apartment and that she isn't wasting her time, this was meta for the 1950s.
  • A Real Life example: Audrey Meadows, who played Alice after Pert Kelton was blacklisted and had to leave the show, was tasked with finding a replacement actress for the part when Kelton was released. Gleason shot down all of her recommendations, and Meadows eventually suggested herself. Gleason turned her down as well, saying that she was "too pretty" to play the frumpy Alice. Meadows then hired a photographer to come to her apartment to do a photo shoot the next 7:00 AM, in which she wore unflattering clothes and didn't have her hair and makeup done. When staff brought Gleason the pictures, he declared that the actress was perfect—Meadows was so unrecognizable that even he didn't realize it was her. When the truth was revealed, Gleason, rather than getting angry, immediately offered Meadows the part, explaining that "any dame with a sense of humor like that deserves the job."