Awesome / Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

  • Pinhead's epic, window shattering entrance into the church.
    Preacher:*Holds up cross* How dare you!
    Pinhead: Thou shall not bow down before any graven images.
    Melts the cross and the preachers hand
    Pinhead: Evil Laugh
    • Followed by him pulling a couple of pins out of his head (complete with a little piece of his brain on them) and piercing his hands to mock the Crucifixion.
    Pinhead: I am the way.
    • And finally...
    Preacher: You'll burn in hell for this!
    Pinhead: Burn? Oh, such a limited imagination...
  • Three words: "Shall we begin?" Cue Pinhead absolutely slaughtering everyone inside a club all the while belting out a truly magnificent evil laugh.