YMMV / Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

  • Base-Breaking Character: This was where Pinhead started to slip into this. While Doug Bradley is still widely praised in this movie, and all of the others, there's the prevailing arguments over whether or not Pinhead was used well. The supporters feel that Pinhead was the best part of this film and some even argue he's the only good part with some great lines and having Bradley act out of makeup as Captain Spencer. Others feel that there was too much Pinhead and the character just became too hammy, too jokey, and too conventionally evil.
  • Les Yay: Joey and Terri’s interaction has some lesbian undertones. While asking around for Terri, Joey describes her as "really, really pretty", and quickly invites the confused younger girl into her home and lets her spend the night. The next morning Joey finds Terri cooking breakfast for her and wearing one of her shirts, and Terri's affection for Joey is clearly a substitute for the relationships she has had with her abusive boyfriends. Her perceived betrayal by Joey and actual betrayal by her current boyfriend is what causes her to join Pinhead's side.
  • Narm: The Terri Cenobite is somewhat similar to Deepthroat/The Female Cenobite from the previous movie, except instead of a hole in her throat, she's got a smaller one with a cigarette sticking out. It looks very distracting and silly; even when compared to the Monroe cenobite's pistons which can at least make him look a bit unsettling.
  • Nightmare Retardant:
    • The Pseudo-Cenobites are more gimmicky and less frightening than the proper Cenobites seen before (sans the Channard one). Although within the context of the film this makes sense, since Pinhead specifically says they're "handmade" and "the shadows of (his) former troops." The reason the Pseudo-Cenobites are inferior to the real deal is that Pinhead made them himself, not the Engineer, and had to make them with what was available.
    • Pinhead's :D face. Given that one can see Joey tied up in chains and gagged behind him the uncropped shot, and he's using the horrible things he wants to do to her to taunt Captain Spencer, this one is pretty subjective and can easily be Nightmare Fuel for some.
  • Replacement Scrappy: The Pseudo-Cenobites. They're pretty forgettable and gimmicky and lack the interesting designs of Pinhead's previous minions. Even though Pinhead lampshades them, most fans felt there could have been more creativity in their designs.
  • The Woobie: Terri, who comes across as both cute and sad in her desperation for what essentially amounts to friendship and/or love.