Awesome / Harry Brown

  • Harry tries to steal a pistol from a drugged up gun dealer, and manages to use it to kill his accomplice. The dealer then tries to shoot Harry, but the gun fails as the dealer's been smoking drugs out of it. Harry then turns and gets an abdominal shot on the dealer, then chases after him. Harry finds him sprawled among drug plants, and proceeds to tell him: "You failed to maintain your weapon, son."
  • A thug tries to mug Harry at knife point when Harry is both upset and drunk. When the thug gets too close Harry's Royal Marine training kicks in, and he grabs the mugger's arm and plunges the knife into his chest, all on autopilot. Harry just stares at what he's done in shock.
  • Harry shooting Noel Winters.
  • The Big Bad, Sid, being taken down by CO-19 officers.