Awesome: Harry Potter


"Stuff like that always sounds cooler than it really was. I've been trying to tell you that for years."

Warning, here be spoilers. And lists that get steadily longer and more awesome with every book.

Miscellaneous and Meta

  • Dumbledore averages about two literary crowning moments per chapter commentary in The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Particularly his commentaries with Brutus and Lucius Malfoy, in which both of them get utterly pwned.
  • The new Theme Park area at Islands of Adventure, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, is easily a crowning moment for all the designers involved as far as immersively rich detail goes, giving even the Disney Theme Parks a run for their money.
  • The way everything started. A single mum who was living on thanks to food stamps, as she is riding a train, gets an idea for a kid's novel, one where the main character is a young wizard who has just discovered what he really is and that he is a hero thanks to something that happened when he was a baby. She starts writing it, taking care of her family on her own while she writes a book where she works out her idea and expands on it, and finishes the first book in five years. She presents it to several agents, and the second one she tried it with accepts it. After eight publishing houses rejected the manuscript, a publishing house by the name of Bloomsbury decided to accept it and offered the writer an advance of 2,500 pounds. Fast forward twelve years, and the book turns out to be one of the highest successes ever in history of books, bringing kids back to reading, gets six sequels as the main character (and its readers) grow up, it also gets versioned into movies which are also amongst the most successful ever, and the single mum has become one of the richest people in the world thanks to the books. If that isn't awesome, tell me what it is.
    • All the publishing houses who rejected her manuscript are probably kicking themselves in the ass right now.
      • Even more amazing thing is the latter books of the series are Doorstoppers, and the kids were still lining up for them even though the books look like the kid's lit versions of War and Peace.
    • There's also this awesome piece written by her where she tears apart society's obsession with thinness.