* Happy gets his clock cleaned at a Pro-AM tour by none other than [[Series/ThePriceIsRight Bob Barker]].
-->'''Happy Gilmore''': It wasn't my fault. There was this guy out there giving me crap, and it took every ounce of energy not to hit ''him''.
-->'''Shooter [=McGavin=]''': So instead you decide to headbutt Bob Barker. Oh, who ''won'' that fight, by the way?
** Since Barker had been showing Happy NoSympathy about a very blatant and insufferable heckler, he did deserve to get in [[CurbstompCushion that one punch]], if only that one punch.
** Speaking of the insufferable heckler, there was a deleted scene where Happy gets back at him by challenging him to play golf, only to fail miserably.
* When Shooter mocks Happy and challenges him (on the golf course), he takes it a little too literally and breaks a bottle to threaten Shooter.
* [[WhatCouldHaveBeen In a sadly deleted scene]], Happy beating up the orderly (played by Creator/BenStiller) at the nursing home. To clarify: the guy made sad, elderly people work for ''hours'' to make quilts for him to sell and monitored their phone calls. When Happy takes his grandma out of this nightmare, he announces she told him all about it and the orderly tries bullshitting his way out of it. Happy throws him out a window. [[TheDogBitesBack Then the old ladies he's been working to death beat him with purses!]]
* Happy wrestles an alligator to get his ball back. He puts a brief strangle-hold on its neck, ''headbutts'' it unconscious, and then beheads the thing as a gift to Chubbs. In-universe as well, as the crowd was cheering for him after the whole thing; you certainly don't see that sight on a golf course every day.
* Shooter shoots the golf ball off Larson's foot without hurting him.
* Not only have Happy's golf skills improved after his suspension, but he can also control himself and even make comebacks to Shooter instead of beating him.
--> '''Happy''': [[TookALevelInBadass Happy learned how to putt]]! Uh-oh!
--> '''Shooter''': (Scores) "You don't learn this in the Hockey Rink."
--> '''Happy''': (Scores) "[[InsultBackfire You wanna know what the pathetic thing is]]? [[TakeThat You've been playing golf your entire life]]."
* The final shot. At that point the number of strokes either had didn't matter, Happy deserved to take the win for that hole in one alone.
* Larson [[BreakTheHaughty scares the crap out of Shooter]] after the Shooter hits the ball off of Larson's foot.
-->'''Mr. Larson''': That's two thus far, Shooter.\\
'''Shooter [=McGavin=]''': Oh, you can count. Good for you.\\
'''Mr. Larson''': And ''you'' can count...on ''me'', waiting for you in the parking lot!\\
(''crowd "oooo"s in surprise while Shooter runs away, followed by someone in the crowd mockingly calling "Run Shooter!"'')
* Larson and a bunch of Happy's other fans chasing down [[spoiler: Shooter]] and beating the crap out of him after [[spoiler: he ran off with Happy's jacket.]]