* Dr. Loomis decides to end it all by blowing himself and Myers to kingdom come via some loose oxygen tanks, but not before getting Laurie out of the room. Then he takes out his lighter, and:
-->'''Dr. Loomis''': It's time, Michael. '''*KA-BOOM*'''
** Villainous example comes in right after the said explosion, as burning Michael walks OutOfTheInferno and collapses on the ground before reaching Laurie. Even in the brink of [[BackFromTheDead (temporary)]] death he was aiming to kill her.
** Laurie herself immediately prior; a terrified teenage girl blasting a remorseless killing machine at nearly point blank range; she hits him in ''both eyes''.
** In a slightly meta-sense: When it was first created, Halloween II was supposed to be the [[GrandFinale Grand Finale]]. So this means that Dr. Loomis actually was able kill Michael Myers.