Awesome: GameChap

  • In the Turrets Minecraft Mod review, GC sets up four turrets around his house, which proceed to kill everything that dares come close to his home.
  • Sure, Bertie may blow up everything in sight in every Minecraft vid, but it's always spectacularly awesome.
  • GameChap vs a trio of Ghasts, in the Fighter Jet mod review.
  • In round one of the Yogscast's crown conquest, Gamechap is the second player to earn a crown and climb up the mountain.
    • Even better is the fact that he acted strategically, waiting until the carnage slowed down due to fewer players before making his move.
    • You could say that both Gamechap and Bertie share the CMOA, since they are the only team left standing - even though Lewis reached the mountain before Gamechap, Simon died before he got the crown, whilst Bertie was still alive when Gamechap reached the crown.
  • Bertie's defense of Steve's court case was a GHAST.
  • This.
  • The Mayor survives a Tsar Bomba nuke. Badass Normal, indeed.
  • People were insulting the dancer in the music video for "Like A Sir". GameChap's response was SCATHINGLY calm yet powerful;
    • GameChap: Kindly stop insulting ladies and learn proper respect. I daresay leaving Youtube would be a rather good start for you.
      • Best defense ever.
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