Awesome / G.I. Joe: The Movie

  • The opening to the movie, with practically every Joe member from the series fighting Cobra over the Statue of Liberty.
    • Duke blasting Major Bludd from the sky, and with a cry of "Yo Joe." Leading dozens of jetpack wearing Joes into combat while Sky Hawks rise to meet Cobra forces.
    • Alpine swinging on a rope to knock some B.A.T's from atop Lady Liberty, and then using his grapple gun to hook onto a Firebat and punch out the cockpit, grappling onto a stolen Cobra flight pod piloted by Snake Eyes.
    • Roadblock gets a brief but amusingly awesome scene by being the stealthiest jetpack-wearing heavy-machine-gunner ever, smugly grinning as he drops down behind two Cobra troopers, grabs them by the heads, and bashes them together. Way to fail your spot check, Cobras.
    • A crowning moment for series storyboard artist Larry Houston, who designed the whole three minute sequence.
  • Sgt. Slaughter is a walking awesome being. Top marks being his epic beatdown of Nemesis Enforcer with nothing but wrestling moves.
    "This is for Gung-Ho, Alpine, and Bazooka!" (slam) "This is for Falcon!" (punch) "This is for me!" (elbow) "This is for Duke!" (punch) "AND THIS IS FOR THE U.S. OF A.!!!" (body slam)
    • Not to mention taking out a giant centipede by rifle butting it in the face.
  • Cobra Commander saving a hero from another snake while being a snake himself.
  • Pythona's infiltration of Cobra's HQ, defeating bulwarks, barbs and a battalion of Crimson Guards. All for an audience with Serpentor. The scene includes a real Animation Bump every so often.
    • Serpentor's response to Pythona's intrusion has to count as well: