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Awesome: G.I. Joe: Sigma 6
  • The first episode ends with Duke jumping out of a rocket as it's breaking through the stratosphere, then he free-falls without a parachute to be picked up by Scarlett on the way down.
  • Scott and his robot dog Spud managed to be pretty awesome in the episode "Capture". Scott for his excellent hacking skills. And Spud for, once going toe to toe with some of Overkill's robots.
    • Duke can't go help Scott himself so he sends the next best thing... Snake Eyes.
  • The COBRA Ninja Battle Attack Trooper, very cool looking.
    • Also, the android Overlord Vector.
  • The episode "Reveal" Snake Eyes vs. the android Vector! Then as Snake Eyes tries to rescue Scott, Storm Shadow crashes the party and the ninja brothers duel it out!
  • In episode 13, after greatly impeding his ability to assume battle mode by blowing up his Power Stone in front of him, Duke battles it out with COBRA Commander in a one-on-one duel without weapons to have him prove how tough he is. After taking a few blows from the villain, he shouts out, "I've had it with you!" before fighting back and besting him with some more punches.
    Duke: That was for the team... (punches and sends COBRA Commander sliding on his feet towards the edge) ...and THAT was for YOUR PAYBACK!
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