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Awesome: Freddy vs. Jason
The titans prepare to clash
  • Every fight Jason has against Freddy is this. Seeing Krueger beaten up, limbless, and desperate to survive makes any viewer satisfied that karma is totally manhandling Freddy's third-degree-burned ass. Those fights pale in comparison, however, to Freddy vs. Jason at Camp Crystal Lake:
    • Freddy realises he's been pulled back into reality. This sucks enough, but then the majorly pissed Jason kicks in the cabin door as the place burns around them, the music starts playing, and it's one of film history's greatest Oh Crap moments. It's awesome.
    • Freddy fires propane tanks at Jason like torpedoes — and most of them zoom past Jason as he does an Unflinching Walk.
    • "Why won't you DIE!?"
    • "Hey, asshole! UP HERE!"
      • The cable edit version — "Hey, Einstein!" — works just as well, given Freddy's character.
    • To round out a fight full of awesome moments: Lori Campbell decapitates Freddy with Jason's machete. It's a moment which deserves to be the Awesome Moment page image.
      Lori: "WELCOME TO MY WORLD, BITCH!!" *decapitates Freddy*
      • Even better, the actress has said that Freddy scared her as a child. She thought her child self would be proud of her for beating Freddy.
    • Jason had many awesome moments, but the one that struck a chord with this troper was the scene after Freddy tried and failed to kick him in the balls. After that, Jason grabs Freddy sticks him halfway out the window and starts running dragging him across the winnows and walls breaking them over Freddy's body. It's more awesome for two reasons. 1. It's the first time you ever seen Jason run since he chased Trish Jarvis. And 2 the reason why he didn't run so often in the films after Final Chapter implies that Jason was walking slow on purpose just to mess with his victims.
  • Jason comes across a rave party in a cornfield and starts tearing a path of destruction through a ton of sex-starved teenagers - while he's on fire. You probably could make that scene more awesome... we're just not sure how.
    • In a meta way, it is also an awesome moment for the guy playing Jason, stuntman Ken Krizinger. That scene where he leaves a trail of fire through the cornfield? That was done in one take. Ken had a cooling gel slathered all over him, was put in a specially made fire-retardant costume and given precise instruction over a radio earpiece as he calmly walked through the field, because he could not hear or see. This was for at or over a minute, where most fire stunts are over within fifteen to twenty seconds at most.
  • For anyone who saw her as The Scrappy: Kia's death counts.
    • Her pre-death verbal smackdown on Freddy counts as well.
  • The movie itself is a CMOA for the writer, director, and crew, in that they took very different movie universes, put them together, and made a film that is not only watchable but actually makes both Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees back into actually scary villains.
    • There's also how Jason Voorhees, of all characters, gets made into someone you can feel not just kind of sorry for, but who is sympathetic. At least in comparison to Freddy, anyway. And it doesn't feel forced.
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