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Awesome: Fallen

  • The ending. Even if it's of the villainous sort... you gotta admit, the entire last minute of the film is a pretty amazing one for Azazel. And maybe the movie-makers - they just do such a good job capturing his arrogant, smirking triumph. From the bouncing tail of the cat, to Washington's smug "Oh... forgot something, didn't you?" to the first fade-in of "Sympathy for the Devil's" drums and shouts... Now that's an ending.
  • Hobbes willingess to take his own life, it means Azazel will die. It doesn't work, but you have to admire his sacrifice.
  • Gretta escaping from Azazel's attempt to possess her. To clarify, this woman managed to somehow outrun a demon using a group of people to get to her.
  • Also doubles as heartwarming: Hobbes taking in his brother and nephew. You hardly see single guys doing that, especially those who live in an apartment complex.
  • Azazel is a walking (or spirit) made of this.

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