Awesome / Falling Down

  • For Foster
    • After beating up the two thugs who demanded that he pay the toll:
    "Feels good to exercise your rights, doesn't it?"
    • During his duel with Prendergast at the end, Foster actually manages to land a headshot with his waterpistol, while smugly saying "I'd got cha". Think about it for a second. Prendergast already had his gun drawn and aimed at Foster. He's also a trained cop, with plenty of experience and training for handling a gun. Foster was just a regular civilian, with no experience or training in firearms prior to this day, and his gun was tucked in his pocket. He still managed to draw, aim, and land a headshot, in less than a heartbeat. Indeed if the gun wasn't a waterpistol, he would have killed Prendergast first.
  • For Prendergast
    • After he's had enough of his whining wife
    "And leave the skin on the chicken!"
    • One minute later, he delivers a Megaton Punch to his Jerk Ass colleague. Badmouthing his wife is pushing his Berserk Button.
    • At the end, towards the man who earlier said to his face that "I don't trust a man who doesn't curse." and "...don't waste any more of my time pretending you're a cop", in front of a live TV report.
    "Fuck you, Captain Yardley. Fuck you very much!"
    • The fact that he was able to make a connect the dots and track down Foster.
    • His "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Foster, and by extension everyone in the audience who had been sympathizing too much with him.