Awesome / Fable

Fable I
  • The Hero of Oakvale destroying Jack's body while Jack was wielding the Sword of Aeons. William Black pulled off the same feat long before then, but he had to steal the Sword and then wield it against Jack to do it. In the canon ending, the Hero even destroyed the Sword afterwards.
    • The Hero of Oakvale later fights Jack in his dragon form and defeats him, followed by tossing Jack's mask into the lava, completing Jack's destruction.
  • Build up your muscle and rage completely, and when you active Rage, you can, and frequently will, punch people's heads off.

Fable II
  • Hammer avenging her father's death simply by killing Lucien's envoy with a swing of her mighty hammer.
  • The fact that Sparrow was shot out of a castle window, fell some odd feet to the ground, and survived.
  • Shut Up, Lucian—blowing him away when he starts his Motive Rant.
  • Any of the team-ups with other Heroes; you get to see exactly why Hammer, Reaver, and Garth are considered Heroes of Insert Discipline Here.
    • Special mention goes to the final one: The aforementioned Heroes plus your good self (and your dog) against a Great Shard and a veritable crap-load of Spire Guards and Spire Soldiers.

Fable III
  • The chicken in the introduction.
  • The Hero of Brightwall gets some truly badass finishing moves. Shall we list them all?
    • When fighting against a Balverine, you do some sort of freaky back-flip-face-kick, then pin the Balverine's chest between your feet, roll over mid-air, and face-plant them into the ground, breaking their neck. That is the definition of the word "awesome."
    • When you're fighting a human enemy, one of the finishing moves is to jump up on his/her/its shoulders and snap his/her/its neck with your knees.
    • When fighting a Sand Fury, one of the counter-finishes has the Hero waiting for them to do a cartwheel over the Hero, then reaching up, grabbing the Fury's head, and snapping her neck in mid-cartwheel.
  • Successfully managing to make all the good choices and still make enough money to save everybody at the end of the game.
  • Beating the main quest without getting knocked out at all.
  • If the player can pull it off without breaking any promises, this is the definition of a CMoA for any ruler who is facing the Apocalypse and who has been left with the Weight of the World on her/his shoulders.
    Days Left Until Attack: 0
    Treasury Value: 14,000,000/6,500,000
    Projected Civilian Casualties: ZERO

Alternative Title(s): Fable III