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Awesome: Ev Abridged
  • From Ev Abridged 4.0 This is (not) the End:
    Misato: Okay people, once again, Japan is under attack. And once again, we all stand at the brink of destruction. Some of you may be numb to it by now, some of you might not really care what happens, (shot of a giggling Shigeru) and some of you may exist just to piss me the Hell off! But for once, I'll ask you to remember what's at stake tonight. If there's one time we'll work together, it's tonight. If there's one day that everything goes right, it's tonight. If there's one time we'll win, it's tonight! Because what is it we're fighting?!
    Everyone: IT'S AN ANGERU!!
    Misato: CLOSE ENOUGH!
    Shinji: Misato? I- I remember everything you said, Misato. I've run away so many times. From my problems, from my fears, from everything. But not this time! Not when everyone's relying on me! I'm tired! Tired of people thinking I'm useless! Tired of running! Misato! Father! I won't do it any more! I won't let you down! I won't run away.
    Misato: Are you sure?
    Shinji: Yeah.
    Misato: Alright. One more time!
    Undergoes the power-up sequence for the rifle again, with Sky-Blue Days kicking in.
    • Followed up, just as it looks like Rei's shield will give out against the Angel's attack, with:
    Shinji: NO! No matter what, humanity will endure! The Second Impact happened, and we lived! The Angels attacked, and we built the Evangelions! We're here together! We'll survive together!
    Misato: Tell them!
    Shinji: Just who-
    Misato: -The Hell-
    Shinji fires and blows the Angel's core to bits, causing it to rain blood over Tokyo-3
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