!Book 1

* Uncroaking a ''volcano''. "[[RocksFallEveryoneDies Rocks fall, everybody dies.]]"
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/144 For my Lord...Hamstaaaaahrr!]]
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/162 I won't be a gamepiece. You hear me? I'm a player! Fuck...you!!]] Made more awesome since Parson manages to ''break one of Erfworld's rules'' with that PrecisionFStrike.
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/140 Undead units led by a master-class Croakamancer... can dance fight]] FUNKENSTEIN!!!
** [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book+1/141 Ansom's response.]] That is all.
* Caesar is probably one of the strongest fighters in Erfworld, can dance fight and a stack of Doombats led by him are apparently close to heavy infantry. Even with all that, Stanley defeated the entire unit in a single blow. "VAN de Graaff!"
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/74 This has a lovely buildup. (And AGGRO is a consequence.)]]
** [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book+1/76 Boom. Headshot]].
*** And in the next comic, [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book+1/77 Vinny killing a dwagon without even trying.]]
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/101 Parson goading Ansom]]
* '''[[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/105 AGGRO.]]'''
** With that context, panel 7 of [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/108 this]] strip.
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/115 Both Wanda and Charlie get another one each]], her on account of her intimidating manner, and he on account of being a truly MagnificentBastard.
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/118 Ruthlessness.]]
* Stanley the Tool looks like he might be about to have one.
** Delivered as promised... and [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/123 LOUD!!]]
*** And then in the next strip where he takes on a chief warlord reinforced by about three dozen of what were effectively heavy infantry units. "VAN DE GRAAF!"
* Jack the Foolamancer seems to get one when, after the dwagon Stanley is riding is croaked, he grabs hold of Stanley, tells him to fly away with the Arkenhammer, and veils himself and Stanley so that Jillian and the Transylvito forces can't find them. His ''real'' crowning moment comes in the next strip [[spoiler: where we find that he successfully veiled Stanley's dwagon ''without anyone (even Stanley) noticing'', making everyone think it was croaked, before veiling the rest of the dwagons until they are safely beyond the enemy's movement range.]]
* If you didn't think Sizemore was awesome before, wait until you behold the power of [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/139 "NSFW" and "4CHAN"]]
** And then....[[spoiler:[[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/145 Parson obliterates 9/10ths of Ansom's army, by collapsing Gobwin Knob.]]]]
*** And on top of that, the [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/147 look of determined, defiant]] ''fury'' on Sizemore's face when Parson explicitly orders them to retreat. BewareTheNiceOnes, indeed.
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/152 "Sweetheart, if you break your alliance now, we will drink your blood over a peppy campfire tune."]] Any idea that Caesar and the other vampires of Transylvito weren't absolutely, 100% scary has been ''crushed.''
* In the summer updates, Parson gets one when he tricks ''Charlie'' into revealing [[spoiler: his Mathamancy bracelet can predict the future.]]
* A couple updates later, Bea, Queen of Unaroyal, [[spoiler: upon realizing she cannot defeat the Decrypted armies under Gobwin Knob's control, and knowing that this would result in her entire side's armies being taken over by Gobwin Knob after being defeated, chooses to take her own life - and thus, eliminating her entire side - instead of letting herself be controlled by Stanley.]]
* "[[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/130 Then, is this a weak point? Highness?]]" "[[BadassBoast It will be!]]"

!Book 2

* Maggie, finally fed up with Stanley's GeneralFailure proclivities and ignorance of Parson's genius, [[ZerothLawRebellion makes a suggestion]]- brainwashing him into making Parson Chief Warlord again and then leaving the room.
* "[[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%202/32 Dispel the veil]]."
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book+2/31 Ossomer's speech]], where he essentially tells Ansom that he doesn't care, one way or the other, if the Arkentools choice of attunement represents a new divine mandate for who is to rule; he'll stand for the nobility of Royalty regardless, and make Gobwin Knob and the Titans ''prove'' that the new mandate is worthy.
* Charles, upon [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%202/70 being caught spying]] on a side he's '''officially''' neutral with, reveals how much intel he has on said side by showing their capital city and listing its forces in minute detail, and manages to force said side to do exactly what they say, or "that picture of the sun rising over your pretty city will happen exactly one more time."
* The singular power of a [[MasterOfIllusion Foolamancer]] can be expressed simply: To get the enemy to look [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%202/118 in the wrong place,]] [[KansasCityShuffle at the right time.]]
* Parson exploiting an Erfworld mechanics loophole that allows him to [[spoiler: kill off all of his dwagons instantly by harvesting them for rations, drop them inside Jetstone's garrison, and then having Wanda decrypt them, bypassing Jetstone's walls ''and'' air defenses in one fell swoop.]]
* Jack Snipe's response to Ansom questioning one of their tactics.
--> '''Ansom:''' Says the Caster. How would you know?\\
'''Jack:''' I was at hand when someone smarter than you invented it
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%202/157 This strip.]] All the more awesome because exactly why Wanda freaks out isn't readily apparent, but [[spoiler: Ossomer's heraldry changed back to Jetstone.]] That's right: [[spoiler: ''Ossomer apparently broke Wanda's Decryption!'']]
* Cubbins, Jetstone's Hat Magician, gets one in the very last page of Book 2. Using the last of Jenga Tower's juice, [[spoiler: he makes a HeroicSacrifice to deal a crushing blow to the remaining Decrypted Archons.]]
** The Hat Magician's [[spoiler: HeroicSacrifice]], Ossomer's [[spoiler: breaking of his decryption]], and King Slately [[spoiler: TakingALevelInBadass with help from the Hat Magician and the Dollamancer insures Jetsone's survival and will net them Charlies reward for taking out the decrypted archons despite the almost inevitable loss they were about to receive. They may even get enough money to promote Tramennis to heir.]]
--->'''Ossomer:''' Here they come. [[spoiler: Once more, for Jetstone.]]
*** Then [[spoiler: Cubbins survives the tower's collapse, then he is saved by Ace and is expected to survive, Ace kills Lady Sylvia who was deemed near impossible to kill due to Jojo's magic, AND Ace is still in good enough condition to command his golems to attack Parson.]]
* Slately's last stand against Parson.
-->'''Slately:''' There's the Lord of Hamsters himself. Large and terrible. Yet I do not fear him.
** Parson and Slately meeting face-to-face for the first time.
--->'''Slately''': Warlord.\\
'''Parson''': ...King.\\
'''Slately''': A word?\\
'''Parson''': What word would--?\\
'''Slately''': [[CallingYourAttacks Pew.]]
* Here's a meta-moment for you- how many stories can you think of where the ''antagonists'' get that many moments of awesome? Not stories with {{Designated Hero}}es where the so-called villains are UnintentionallySympathetic, not moments of VillainousValour, not moments of {{Magnificent Bastard}}y, moments where you can cheer for the genuine awesome heroism of the antagonists even as they're trying to kill the protagonists? Despite the GrayAndGrayMorality of the series, Parson is absolutely ''not'' a VillainProtagonist, yet you can still cheer for Slately as well as him while the two are locked in battle to the death. That's a level of character writing few web comics can reach.
* Stanley, who needs to get to his office to save Parson's life, getting from the Gobwin Knob portal room to his office in record time by getting a twoll to carry him, charging like a football player to the base of the tower, then throwing him straight up. Then Stanley uses the Arkenhammer to hover just outside his office window, [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%202/200 and orders a purple dwagon to blast a hole, then landing right in his throne.]]
-->'''Stanley:''' I need a purpuuulll!! ''[gish]'' Mazel tov! Mm hm. Who's the hero '''now,''' Hamster?
** Please note, this is Stanley, here, who is regarded, by Parson, as a mix of Gilligan and TheStarscream when it comes to helping his own side, and here he is, going to extreme lengths to actually help Parson.
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%202/201 “Run this same calculation ten times in a row. Go.”]]
** Parson leveled during his battle with Slately.
* You have to admit, even though he's the BigBad, Charlie cornered and out-thought Parson and [[spoiler:forced him to try to cast the spell that would send him home. It would've have worked if fate didn't decide to drop a column on his head and knock him out.]]
* Tramennis points out to Charlie that if he really is the best hope at defeating Parson, and he really does have Jetstone's best interests in mind, then how is it that despite the deaths of most Jetstone units in the city, including Ace, Ossomer and Slately, Parson still escaped Charlie's trap? The implication Tramennis is getting at, is that either Charlie is lying through his teeth -- which is true -- and/or he's not good enough to defeat Parson. Which is also true.
** During thinkagrams with Charlie, the people speaking with him tend to take on an appearance illustrative of their role in the conversation. Slately became a chess piece, eventually a mere pawn. Tramennis is wearing Kingly robes. An indicator that, even if he isn't aware of it, he really is the King his father wasn't.
** Also of note, Tramennis demanded a rundown from Charlie for all ''seventeen'' layers of subterfuge he employed in and around the battle for Spacerock, which is an awesome moment for both of them - Charlie for displaying a level of [[TheChessMaster chess mastery]] that would put many master strategists to shame, and Tramennis for being able to spot every one of the threads he used.
* Wrigley finally gets to do what he was meant to do.
--> '''Wrigley's internal monologue:''' He loved the Titans, and Wanda their Tool, for granting him this new life and this new spear. And though he had never yet used it, now he knew what he was for. His side was the Titan's side. They had raised him from the ground to use this spear just once.
--> And so he did.

!Book 3
* Stanley [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book+3/11 combos the Arkenhammer with a blue dwagon's lightning-breath to one-shot an enemy meglogwiff (adding 24 liberated and rearmed prisoners to his strike force at the same time)]]
* Parson promoting a corps of recently liberated prisoners to a Warlord and Knights after Charlie asked for a truce. He didn't just blow Charlie off, he flipped him as big a middle finger as he used when he uncroaked the volcano!
* Stanley telling Parson that he did a good job. Seriously, considering how he was at the start of Book 1, and even before then, that is a Crowning Moment in and of itself!
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%203/94 Mine]]. Wanda, with a little help from Maggie, finally shows us what two attuned arkentools at war looks like.
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%203/121 Jack]] uses a baffle spell to trick Charlie's archons into seeing [[spoiler:Parson as a Gobwin Knob unit despite his turning to Charlescomm]]. The archons proceed to fire at Parson [[NoKillLikeOverkill with far more bullets than they actually need]]. Dozens of decrypted Gobwin Knob units are caught in the crossfire, which means that Charlie will have to compensate Gobwin Knob.
** It's actually much more than that. [[spoiler:In firing their tripods through the portal, Charlescomm's Archons killed a number of neutral Magic Kingdom casters. This violates the Magic Kingdom's neutrality agreement, and ensures that Charlescomm will be the first side to go to war with them, an outcome that Charlie himself earlier stated would be a large strategic mistake. With a single spell, Jack might have just caused more trouble for Charlescomm than any unit since... well, since Lillith.]]
** The fact that CC is somehow turning this in their favor and making GK look like the badguys is pretty impressive in it's own right.
* Things are looking good for Transylvito and bad for Gobwin Knob in the wake of [[spoiler:the disaster in the Magic Kingdom]]. They have [[spoiler:Parson, Jack, and Maggie all held prisoner]] and Don King is looking forward to bending Stanley over a railing for [[spoiler:their ransom fees]]. Caesar is standing by when Don smugly calls Stanley to negotiate, silently admiring how good Don is at manipulating other rulers, despite considering Stanley an easy mark, getting him wound up until he's expected to cut off the call in a rage after [[spoiler:hearing Don's apparently ''ludicrous'' ransom price of 2 million schmuckers]] so he can work him for even more when he calls back next turn. But instead of cutting off the call... [[spoiler:Stanley just says "OK, we'll take it"]] because Transylvito has absolutely ''no'' idea how incredibly ''rich'' Gobwin Knob actually was after [[spoiler:receiving a good chunk of Charlescom's treasury]]. And then just to put the cherry on it, Stanley starts ''patronising Don about how he needs to learn how to run a side better'' until Don is forced to hang up on him instead!
-->Bunny lowered her arms. Don King, who had given her the break order with a silent nod, sat in his chair with his eyes bulging out. [[DidntSeeThatComing No trace of his smile remained.]]
* A few pages later, Bonnie (one of the newly Decrypted Archons) is trying to get Stanley to tell her why Parson is worth two million Schmuckers. He casually points out that due to the treaty violation caused by Parson turning back, he will actually cost ''seven'' million in the end. And Stanley is still sure that this is chump change compared to what he's actually worth.
* Learning, as a prisoner, that Transylvito expects an attack by Faq with Charlescomm backing within two turns, Parson confidently predicts that he could win that fight with a couple of hundred cheap Transylvito units turned to Gobwin Knob. While impressive, this is topped by Don King who, on learning his claim, instantly deduces what the plan must be.

!Book 0

* It turns out, Parson's not the first being on Erfworld to beat impossible odds by studying really hard. In this corner, Overlord Firebaugh, his Chief Warlord Fritz, Clay the Luckamancer, Delphie the Predictamancer, and Wanda the Croakamancer and main contributor to the battle plan. In the other corner, ''two armies''. Thanks to the political expertise of Lord Firebaugh, the boosts of Clay, the Leadership of Fritz, and the... ''unique'' combat applications of Predictamancy from Delphie, the battle was won with ''zero casualties''. Well, zero allied casualties. Wanda was saving her juice for a reason...
-->'''Narration:''' The five of them, forgetting all ranks, decorum and history, laughed and embraced. For a moment, they were not Overlord, Chiefs and casters. They were a five-unit stack which had just beaten two armies.
* Jack's at it again. [[spoiler: Contacting Jillian covertly and deducing that the Haffaton ruler is in the city they were in.]]

!Winter Break 2014
* Lady Chains of Homekey fighting a force that outnumbered her by four to one, and had her outgunned even worse, to an effective draw [[spoiler:[[HeroicSacrifice at the cost of her own life]]]].
* Lord Crush of Firstpost inventing a foolproof plan to win a war against an enemy that outnumbered his side two to one, setting it in motion, and pulling it off, all while trapped in an enemy dungeon.
* Prince Axe Bodyspray interpreting his Duty to his side in such a way as to allow him [[spoiler:to beat his father to a bloody pulp]] in order to convince him that Lord Crush's plan is the one they need to go with. Also, he solved a Sudoku that his father couldn't showing his HiddenDepths. A Warrior Prince with intelligence with an Intelligent Prince who is good at waging war. Dangerous combo.