Awesome / Entourage

  • Ari gets a couple in "Give A Little Bit"— first is his speech to his wife justifying the use of her trust-fund money to buy out Terrance McQuiewick's agency, second is his...unique method of firing people after the deal goes through (which also counts as a Crowning Moment of Funny).
  • Seth Green's continued provocation of Eric regarding his past "relationship" with Eric's girlfriend Sloane has lead to him getting his ass kicked, as well as his entourage by proxy - when a member of Seth's entourage stepped between Eric & Seth so he could continue to talk trash whilst hiding behind his buddy, an already pissed off Drama turns up, floors the guy between Eric & Seth with one punch, leading to Eric, Drama & Turtle brawling with Seth & his entourage. Taken to Crowning Moment of Funny, with Ari's sarcastic remark to Vince & Vince's reaction.
    Ari: This oughta be good for your image, Vince
    Vince just shrugs
  • When Adam Davies threatens to out Mrs. Gold's role in a softcore skin flick, Ari marches down to his agency, bitch smacks him ("A bitch slap for a bitch" as he puts it) and makes him apologize in front of his entire workforce on the threat of beating his ass.
  • Drama's speech at the end of season 6, prior to his audition for the new Melrose Place.
    Drama: For a minute, I thought I didn't want this anymore. But then it hit me, what I don't want anymore is the rejection - eighteen years of it has taken it's toll. I was on this show once before... And I was on another series for the past eighty seven episodes; I've done over a hundred & forty guest spots on T.V. & movies; Sixteen plays, thirty nine commercials... Yet still you haven't seen enough to just offer me the part... Still you make me sing for my supper.
    Producer: Well, if you don't want to-
    Drama: No. It doesn't matter if I want to, I have to.
    Phil Yagoda: There you go Johnny, that's the spirit. Roll it.
  • "Ari Gold is back" scene, kicking asses terminator-style with a paintball gun.