Awesome / Earth Defense Force 2025

  • On one level, the Dragons have seemingly taken down Whale Gunship, and Porters is apparently killed when the airbase she is at is destroyed. On the very next level, the Commander solemnly reports that all air support is gone and only ground units can continue the fight. In quick succession, the Floating Fortress Despina reports in to say they have taken on all survivors from the airbase, followed by Whale Gunship coming back online to say they are preparing to take off from the Despina to provide fire support, then Porters comes in to say she is ready to commence vehicle and artillery support. There's not even a single level between the 2 events, but the Commander sounds incredibly relieved, and I was internally cheering the entire rest of the level.
  • Mission 67 in 4.1, "Battle of Giants". There are several Erginus on the map, but fortunately the EDF deploys a squad of Balams to assist. Your main role in this level is to protect the Balams from giant insects which show up at various points in the level so that they can focus on the Erginus. Later in the mission, the EDF also sends a Balam that you can pilot to take out the red Erginus that shows up.