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Awesome: Dresden Codak
  • From "The Turncoat", Malchior (of the Department of Opposition) staring down two of the Dark Scientists who are there to kill him and Mr. Bogan for "meddling in affairs beyond [their] comprehension."
    Malchior: It should be evident, Mr. Bogan, that your survival window is narrowing. Take heed of that remarkable cowardice and run.
    Bogan: I don't- What's your angle? Why are you helping me?
    Malchior: I do not help, Mr. Bogan.
    Pulls a remote detonator from his belt revealing one of his mooks held by the Scientists is a robot.
    Malchior: I oppose.
    Cue Explosion.
  • And from "Light and Dark", after a strange dream-vision and after having her ass kicked straight to the curb, Kimiko only has one response to Leviathan's tirade. She rises to her feet, the subcutaneous wiring on her back lighting up as the heat sears away the back of her shirt, her left eye glowing an inhuman gold as her amulet settles itself about her neck and she glares at him to proclaim:
    Kimiko: There's a voice in my head. White hot and deafening. And I can only make out one thing: Burn.
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