Awesome / Darker Than Black

  • For Yin its probably in the first episode of the Gaiden OVA when she uses her specter to force a contractor with the ability to control people to shoot himself in the head, saving Hei's ass.
  • Why are there so few entries here? For someone who kills with electricity and is repeatedly stated as a Badass, why are there so few mentions? I, for one, thought that Hei vs Luise in the first episode really made an impression of why he's called "The Black Reaper."
    • So many of the frequent action sequences involving Hei are so cool and well animated, that few truly stand out. One moment that does stand out though, is during the second season when depowered Hei destroys a bomb detonator by stabbing it through the holder's hand... with a knife, followed immediately by killing the bodyguard carrying a gun by throwing a fork at his throat.
    • Hei taking out numerous contractors to get to Claude and Yin at the beginning of the 4th OVA episode is full of awesome.
  • Mina defeating a depowered Hei in the 11th episode of the second season.
  • Early on, when it's revealed that Hei's jacket is bulletproof and the ensuing fight sequence.
    (after firing several shots into Hei's back)
    Alan: I can't believe Luise got himself killed by this guy, I really thought he'd put up more of a fight.
    Mao: He will. And when he does, you might want to keep in mind: Hei doesn't wear that coat as a fashion statement.
    Mao: It's bulletproof.
  • The assault on the cultist HQ. Hei and Huang infiltrate the place quietly, pump it full of knockout gas and when things get hot, Mao transfers his mind to a bird, using mortar shells to provide air support!
  • Inter-Sequel ova opening. Hei is up against three contractors in an oil refinery. He wipes the floor with them.
  • Season 2's He's Back moment when Hei pulls off a meticulously executed kidnapping Yōko Sawasaki, the woman who painfully de powered him in Tokyo International Airport and utterly outwitting Mina and Gemma who are trying to stop him with their contractor powers. The kicker is when Hei, who is confronted by Mina, chucks his tool box at her, she slices it open revealing his knives which he then grabs, attaches his zip cables and uses them to give him a boost as he kicks her in the guts.
  • The amazing teamwork between the members of the Secret Intelligence Service, specifically between November 11 and April.
  • Speaking of November 11, his introduction and subsequent fights throughout the series are all awesome but it's his killing Decade and a room full of heavily armed agents using nothing but a bottle of bourbon that really takes the cake. Sure it happens off screen, but still.
  • Guy Kurasawa gets his awesome moment in episode 14, when he confronts Hei, seizes him by the hem of his coat, and shouts at him that Yin is a human being who should be treated with dignity. Of course, he did this with no knowledge who Hei is or just how dangerous it was to provoke him, but it's still Kurasawa's finest hour. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming for Hei, who both sincerely concedes that Kurasawa's right about Yin, and shows unusual consideration for an ordinary human's life by knocking Kurasawa out with a nonlethal shock and propping him up against a tree, umbrella over his head, to sleep it off.
  • Any time the song "Total Eclipse" plays in the first season. Listen