The whole thing. No, really. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]]. It's a plot point.
* "Hey, doll. Looks like I let you down again..."
* The FingerGun moment in the first film. It's quickly revealed that the mook was actually shot by another guy behind Chev, but the whole movie to that point has been [[RefugeInAudacity so over-the-top, balls-out crazy]] that a lot of people watching thought "He just shot a guy in the head with his finger... SureWhyNot"
* Chev Chelios is a man who, while completely on fire, will throw the man he's fighting into a pool. ''Then walk away.'' And after he's walked away [[spoiler: he gives a melting middle finger to the audience!]]
* Chev's doctor and his girlfriend successfully kidnapping Poon Dong and extracting his heart.