Awesome / Clear Skies

  • The battle at the gate in Clear Skies 2. Especially the microwarpdrive on a battleship.
  • JR shows why he's the captain in 3 with some insane piloting.
    • At one point he outmanoeuvres an interceptor. Bear in mind the Clear Skies is almost a kilometre long.
  • Charlie makes the best shot of his life.
  • Haffa Going Out With A Smile while his ship explodes around him.
  • "Hot drop o'clock" in 3 when an entire Caldari superheavy battlefleet, headed up by a Leviathan-class Titan drops into system in perfect formation and engages the rebel fleet.
    • The sound effects really drive it home. boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom, and then, as if two dozen motherships and support craft weren't enough to make you poo yourself, BOOM. Have a titan.