Funny / Clear Skies

  • Charlie's happy dance.
  • While rescuing Mr. Smith:
    Charlie: Don't worry, it's a shaped charge.
    Mr. Smith: What shape?
    Charlie: Spherical.
  • Earlier in the same scene:
    John: The door's locked!
    Smith: Yes, it would seem my captors thought of everything.
  • Ghost: [ambushing and disarming Rourke] My ship may be a wreck, but I still know when someone docks, you amateur.
    Rourke: Oh come on, I've had bits of me ship hit me harder than that.
  • At the end of episode 2, after the plans of the Big Bad have been foiled he launches into a "you will regret this Rourke!" spiel, but stops mid-rant when he looks out a view-port and sees a piece of debris flying towards his ship.... which floats by without a collision. Then Rourke's Sofa smashes through the window.
  • Charlie's awesome Fence Painting in episode 3.