YMMV: Clear Skies

  • Crowning Music of Awesome - Even if you hate U2, the use of "Elevation" here is brilliant, as are the other music choices.
    • Mike Oldfield's "Far Above The Clouds" is an excellent accompaniment to the massive gate battle in Episode 2.
    • Again, Mike Oldfield's "The Inner Child" during the ship reveal in CS 3.
  • HSQ:
    • The battle at the gate in Clear Skies 2. An epic space battle, brilliant directing, awesome music, and a microwarpdive on a battleship.
    • The battle in Messoya in Clear Skies 3, starting when the clock strikes hot drop o'clock. Fighters, supercarriers, dreadnoughts, Titans, doomsday beams, and JR and crew maneuvering their battleship through a free-fire zone in ways that would make any capsuleer green with envy. (Rolling a ship to maneuver between the firing turret beams of a dreadnought? Shaking off hostile fighters by flying at full afterburner through a station's superstructure?)
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The sacrifice of the Magellan.
    • Haffa's sacrifice on the Teskanen gate.