Awesome / Cars

  • Guido changing four tires by himself in about four seconds.
    "Pit stop."
    • To amplify the awesomeness of this, a professional pit crew who was mocking him just a few seconds earlier can do nothing but watch in Stunned Silence.
  • It's not as flashy as the tire change, but Lightning McQueen sacrificing the race for The King definitely counts.
    • Plus everybody (except Chick Hicks) realizing why he did it, and recognizing McQueen as the real winner.
    Tex Dinoco: There's more to racing than just winning.
  • Also from the final race, Chick spinning Lightning out, only for Lightning to drive right past reverse.
  • Another small moment: Red standing up to a stampede of tractors.
  • Doc Hudson's drive around Willie's Butte, especially when he turns right to go left.
    • And don't forget the long-awaited praise he got at the Piston Cup tiebreaker. Pretty much everyone was in disbelief—even Chick Hicks' own pit crew was in awe—and the WHOLE CROWD starts cheering that he made an appearance.
  • Meta example regarding the teaser for the third movie: After Cars 2 was released to mediocre reception, people were ready to pounce on a third movie. When the teaser was released, with it's surprisingly dark depiction of Lightning McQueen crashing during a race, and the ominous tagline, "from this moment, everything will change", fans and even some detractors were immediately hooked, curious as to what this was leading up to.