Awesome / Ben Folds

  • The "A Working Day" a capella project—having the audiences at seven different concerts sing specific parts to his song "A Working Day" and then assembling it into one gigantic concert. Seen here in all its awesomeness.
    • Cooler still: one part features Home Free, the 2014 winners of The Sing-Off (a show Folds was a judge on).
  • During a performance in England, an event he later dubbed "The Night I Made England My Bitch", a chatty crowd kept breaking his concentration when he performed a ballad. When he calmly told the crowd that he wouldn't play the song if they didn't stop talking, they all immediately shut up and didn't utter a peep (even when he tempted them with a fake-out ending) until it was over.
  • The Ben Folds Five video for "DO IT ANYWAY." Featuring The Fraggles. 'nuff said.