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Trivia: Ben Folds
  • Promoted Fanboy: After hearing a university choir perform one of his songs, Ben Folds produced an album of university acapellas and put the school's cover on the album.
  • The song "Not the Same" is based on actual events. Ben Folds was at a friend's party, some guy did a lot of acid, climbed up a tree, and when he came down in the morning he was a born-again Christian. The only major difference is that the party took place at Darren Jesse's place, not Robert Sledge's. Ben said that the reason for this change was because he thought "at Robert Sledge's party" simply sounded better than "at Darren Jesse's party".
  • Throw It In: While Ben Folds Five were recording a take of "Steven's Last Night In Town", a phone rang right at the end of the last repetition of the chorus - it happened to do so on rhythm, so it was left in. If you listen carefully, you can also hear Darren Jesse Corpsing in response.

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