* The Joker gets his by finally invading the Batcave, gassing Bruce and overpowering Terry in hand-to-hand capability. Three things one might never expect that broke down barriers.
** The first two things can certainly double as NightmareFuel, though...
* Ace the Bat-Dog [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments watching Cartoons]], and later taking down one of the Joker's henchman, ''then'' attacking the man himself. As Terry says: "Good bad dog". It's in reference to Ace's past in dog fighting. The same line is used in Ace's backstory episode, which counts as another [=CMoA=] for him; he saves Terry from a gigantic mutant dog blob.
* Terry vs the Jokerz right before the Joker fight. He takes out all of them except for the spliced kid without any trouble. He sics Ace on the spliced kid.
** "Sic 'em, boy."
** And earlier in the movie we have out of suit Terry vs the Jokerz in the nightclub. Even without the Batsuit, he manages to defeat them via a combination of brawns and quick thinking.
* Terry beats the Joker at his own [[BreakThemByTalking mind games]]. Bruce tells Terry to block Joker out ("Joker's vain and likes to talk. He'll try to distract you, but don't listen. Block it out and power on through."), but then Terry realizes something: "[[YouFightLikeACow I like to talk too.]]" Terry then [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LikMS5gDDI proceeds to]] ''[[BreakThemByTalking break the Joker by talking]]''.
-->''(Terry knees Joker in the groin)''\\
'''Joker:''' What are you doing?!\\
'''Terry:''' [[PragmaticHero Fighting dirty.]]\\
'''Joker:''' The ''real'' [[PretenderDiss Batman would never]]- ''(Terry digs the knee in deeper)'' AUGH!\\
'''Terry:''' Told you you didn't know me.\\
''(Terry knocks the Joker backwards)''\\
'''Joker:''' ''(SlasherSmile)'' Funny guy...\\
'''Terry:''' [[BoringInsult Can't say the same for you]].\\
''(The Joker throws a punch at Terry that misses and he runs into a desk)''\\
'''Joker:''' Impudent brat! Who do you think you're talking to?\\
'''Terry:''' Not a comedian, I'll tell you that.\\
'''Joker:''' ''(shoots at Terry)'' Shut your mouth!\\
''(Terry dodges and flies up into the rafters)''\\
'''Terry:''' The real Batman never talked to you much, did he? That's probably why you were so fixated on him.\\
''(Terry uses a Batarang to knock Joker's gun out of his hand)''\\
'''Joker:''' Don't play psychoanalyst with me, boy!\\
'''Terry:''' Oh, I don't need a degree to figure you out.\\
''(Terry uses another Batarang to hit the power switch so the Joker can't see him)''\\
'''Terry:''' The real reason you kept coming back was you couldn't get a laugh out of the old man.\\
'''Joker:''' I'm ''not'' hearing this.\\
'''Terry:''' Get a clue, clowny! [Bruce]'s got no sense of humor! He wouldn't know a good joke if it bit him in the cape. Not that you ever ''had'' a good joke.\\
'''Joker:''' Shut up! ''Shut up!''\\
'''Terry:''' I mean, joy buzzers, squirting flowers? Lame! Where's the "A" material? Make a face, drop your pants, something!\\
'''Joker:''' Show yourself!\\
'''Terry:''' [[IronicEcho You make me laugh... but only because I think you're kinda pathetic.]] (''[[EvilLaugh imitates The Joker's laugh]]'')\\
'''Joker:''' Stop that!\\
'''Terry:''' [[DisappointedByTheMotive So you fell in a tank of acid, got your skin bleached, and decided to become a supervillain. What? You couldn't get work as a rodeo clown?]] (''[[EvilLaugh laughs again]]'')\\
'''Joker:''' Don't you dare laugh at me!\\
'''Terry:''' Why? I thought the Joker always wanted to make Batman laugh!\\
'''Joker: ''[[VillainousBreakdown YOU'RE NOT BATMAN!]]'''''
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXj8oa949GE&feature=related Not to mention the end of that fight. Joker is choking an incapacitated Terry]]:
--->'''Joker:''' C'mon, [=McGinnis=]. Laugh it up now, you miserable little punk. Laugh! ''I CAN'T HEAR YOU!''\\
'''Terry:''' (''straining'') ''[[HeroicResolve Ha.]]'' '''''[[PreMortemOneLiner Ha.]]''''' (''uses Joker's own joybuzzer to zap the microchip containing Joker's mind, effectively killing him'')
*** What adds to the awesomeness is that Terry used the BreakThemByTalking as a distraction so that he could ''get'' the joy buzzer. Way to plan ahead.
*** Another layer to it is this is exactly how Joker would have killed Bruce in the flashback if he hadn't left the killing blow to Tim. Get him worked up so he stops paying attention.
*** The ultimate win for Terry? Not only does he finally defeat the Joker once and for all, he [[SurpassedTheTeacher does so in a way Bruce couldn't even conceive, much less execute.]]
* Joker got his own earlier during the flashback sequence in his response to [[spoiler: uncovering Batman's true identity]].
--> '''Joker:''' It'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic. (''{{Beat}}.'') Oh, what the heck. I'll laugh anyway! '''HAA HA HA HA HA HA!'''
** This final fight between the two old foes has a lot of Moments. Bruce is in full PapaWolf mode after seeing what the Joker did to [[spoiler: Tim Drake, and now the Joker has found out about (and [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech thoroughly mocked]]) his identity and tragic past.]] He crashes through the window, knocking the projector over and doing a NeckLift on the Joker... who teases, "If you don't like the movie, I've got slides!" - then throws him through said window like he was a rag doll.
** Batman, his voice a rage-filled growl, declares he'll "break you in two," but the Joker dismissively reminds him that "[[ThouShaltNotKill if you had the guts for that kind of fun,]] [[JokerImmunity you would have done it]] ''[[JokerImmunity years]]'' [[JokerImmunity ago.]]" Then [[spoiler:stabs him with a knife]].
*** [[spoiler: There's also the fake out. He gestures with and looks toward his right hand, then pulls the knife out of his ''left'' sleeve. Bonus points for when you realize Joker's not saying "I on the other hand...", but really "'''Eye''' on the other hand..." [[{{Irony}} What could quite possibly be the one good joke he's ever made is that one that effectively defeats his nemesis.]]]]
** [[spoiler:The fight ends with [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything the Joker on top of Batman, almost purring]] as he [[BreakThemByTalking softly explains that he has won, Robin is his, and the last sound Batman hears will be their laughter]].]]
** [[spoiler:Then Tim breaks out of the brainwashing effect and kills the Joker.]]
** Also, Harley vs Batgirl in the flashback was epic! Bonus points for Harley having a bazooka, and Batgirl for pwning her-bazooka and all!
** The edited/censored version of [[spoiler:the Jokers death gives Tim a major awesome moment. While Tim had been shown before to be no pushover in a fight, despite his age and size. The fact that the edited version has him "over power" Joker shows Joker should ''never'' have underestimated the boy.]]
* There's an understated moment of awesome before this in the form of Batman's almost trademark OffhandBackhand, this time done by Terry himself. What makes this truly awesome is that, in a previous episode, Terry could not do this and didn't get how Bruce could. While this movie in general pretty much proved that Terry had (for the most part) grown into the role, this one in particular was an awesome demonstration.
* The scene where The Joker gains control of a Military-grade KillSat, and uses it ''exactly'' the way you'd imagine the Joker would use a giant orbital laser.
--> '''Joker:''' Aren't you the nasty tattle-tale! Ratting me out before I've had my fun... Papa spank!
* Even more amazing is early in the film, when the dissenting Bonk confronts the Joker over the jobs he's been sending them on. The Joker shoots Bonk right in the heart after toying with him a little, then reasserts control over the gang by asking them to pledge loyalty.
-->'''Joker:''' I have to know you're with me. Will you say it for me one time?\\
'''Jokerz:''' ''[terrified]'' We're with you...\\
'''Joker:''' A little louder.\\
'''Jokerz:''' ''[louder]'' We're with you!\\
'''Joker:''' Dee Dee?\\
'''Dee Dee Twins:''' We're with you!\\
'''Joker:''' Boys?\\
'''Chucko and Ghoul:''' We're with you!\\
'''Joker:''' Bonk? ''[{{beat}}]'' Oh, right. ''Dead.''
** The expression on his face when he says it [[https://youtu.be/ntCIxJAaf2g?t=2m4s just has to be seen]].
*** It doesn't help that he seems to be [[AsideGlance looking right at the audience]] when he makes said face.
* The final scene when we hear the revamped version of the original Batman theme play for Terry just before the credits. Because ''that'' is when Terry truly became Batman, not just Bruce's errand boy.
* Let's face it, isn't it awesome that the Joker is finally dead, deconstructed and broken by Batman (new Batman)?
* Creator/AndreaRomano had a turn at voiceacting the brainwashed Robin. Despite being primarily a casting director, Romano's LaughingMad Robin is chilling.
* When the Joker finally reveals himself at the gala hosted at Wayne Enterprises, he sends the hyena kid in first to get at Bruce. Bruce only watches disdainfully as the hyena jumps around him, trying to intimidate him, then when the guy finally lunges he beats his ass in two swings of his cane. Even in his ''eighties'', Bruce hasn't lost his touch.